Monday, November 13, 2006

While my pen slowly leaks....
I cant write.Period.I cannot write enough to save my life.So I thought of trying an experiment.Give myself 15 minutes to write whatever gibberish that comes to my mind.First Come First Serve.
Movie mania has hit home big time.A lonely and boring life forced me to watch The Departed thrice.What an OST! :).Becoming a fan of the DropKick Murphys who really are planning on finding their wooden leg.
One thing you do living in mumbai is make a l ot of mundane journies in rickshaws.It does give one plenty of time to contemplate on one's way of life.The contemplation could be intermittently disturbed by either a very voluble driver, who anyway shuts his gob when he sees the icy cold stare of the passenger :) or by a cheapass thug of a rickshaw driver, asking you to choose one of the four directions to the same place(privately begging you take the longest detour).
Its great to see this great mass of humanity called mumbai rolling everyday.People so caught up with tomorrow that there is no time for the now.Lives so mundane yet so hectic that the few people like me who have the time sit back and wonder in awe as to what really drives them.An idyllic chat with a long lost uncle brings these long drawn questions out.How do people live?More essentially Why do people live?I see life today can be summarized in 2 lines of a conversation and 1 line of private thought.
1st man to another: My hen gives an egg everyday.
2nd man to the 1st: Mine gives two.
1st man to himself: Shit! I need another hen.So what can i sell?

One upmanship,TV,Shoes, clothes and what not?You think i forgot Cricket? Nah! Society and its Soma.
Stepping back from the wheel of life for a second has been the single most painful yet revealing experience i have ever had.Suddenly it all becomes so clear yet so confusing.So what do I do? Free myself or get back into the Matrix? I must say Hindsight really is the blue pill.
Sorry i could only spare 10 minutes and my ink ran out.I will have another race with time sometime soon.This has been a pleasure.

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Mugger Much said...

I have no hens. I ate them all :(