Thursday, January 26, 2006


What happens when your friends are a zillion miles away and want to cheat in an open Quiz?????
They call yours truly up.

And Do I act all holy and say FUCK OFF! No! Woh kya kehte hain yaar!Jaisa Des waisa Bhes-t!
Facts i learnt!!!!!
The first penalty shootout took place between Hull City and Manchester United in some cup in 1970 and who took the first spot kick!
It was George B"h"EST
Paul Volcker was Alan Greenspan's predecessor and Technetium is the 43rd element in the Periodic Table.
Google and Wiki Zindabad!


Somewhere between being job"ful" and reading Papillon ,I had the Papillon-esque urge to do something i hadnt done in a long time outside the room. Jhandao!
So with my "Camarade dans des bras" Anshuman Mishra(spell check correctly corrects Unassuming Misery!!!!)--(Please visit his blog.. we went off on a foot trip.The travels shall be chronicled at a later date.
Meal of the day was mirchi kukkad from Punju Dhaba and Rumaali rotis.

Well I'll do a service to all of you who ever will take time out to read this bunch of crap..
Shahi Tukraa.... If u haven't heard of it, google! I'll post a pic....
Truly, a blue blooded treat...

So having been fed sumptuously, I retire to my humble resting place..

El Katto loggin out...