Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is one ever enough?

Can a man love two women at one time?or more for that matter? Is it possible for a woman to have feelings as such? This dilemma was highlighted beautifully in Guy Gavriel Kay's well written fantasy The Lions of Al-Rassan.
How have we come to idealise monogamy? Is it possible that there was a past when polygamy or polyandry wasnt a big no no as it is today?
This line of thought was dead as i had read the book a year earlier but rummaging through the pages of The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor , the character Veda Vyas once again brought it back to life.
Have we ever been in similar situations?
Not too long ago I thought that no other woman would ever rule my heart the way the one who broke it, did.Today i think it would take atleast 5 women till i am really satisfied.
While it was the Victorian era that emphasised the need for monogamy, today its the HIV virus.Too many of us and too much experimentation. Now people realise that women and men are fine but for God's sake leave the monkeys alone.
Sometimes i wish i never had to choose.Why cant i tell her what i really feel for her?Some answers i'll never know.
Couples meant to be forever a month back are lookin for lifeboats in this vast ocean, just in case (if you know what i mean!!).
Yes today's special is a MIXED RAITA. Its during the most mundane moments of life that sometimes the most profound thoughts cross your mind and where does it leave you? Right in the middle of a whirlpool of thoughts that are never going to help you in anyway ever in your life.Still, I indulge my mind and waste your time if ur reading this and have gotten this far.
Gudnite for today
El Katto