Thursday, November 16, 2006

And so the dunes shift...

I have been feeling nostalgic.Lets say lying on the bed dreaming about home is not a healthy pastime.I guess for most people, home is where their hearts currently are.As for me , i feel its a little more than that.Maybe they are just love pangs.I guess the destruction of the structure that I called home for about 16 years hadnt yet completely registered in my mind.Well there is a name for such a mind.Its called SLOW. :D.
Or maybe there is a natural form of mental anaesthesia that kicks in just when you hear or realize something that could cause mental distress.Coming back to my place, the bloody bulldozers took away a lot of memories with them.My regular wars with black ants as a toddler.The simulation of the behaviour of a tornado and its after effects in my hall when i could walk,that first kiss on the couch.Well i jumped a generation didnt I? Its called getting too much to write in words.
As I dream and remember of those times, I am still grateful my little town down there still exists.But its just not the same.The lonely walks of contemplation on the terrace with a coke in hand.Where do I get that? The intense competition of corridor cricket.
Wonder what its like for people whose homes are no more.What it is like to go back and find that the dune has shifted?Or maybe it was just a mirage in the great dune that we call time.I guess deserts too heal everything like they say time does.Or does time just suck everything into it like deserts do?Do wounds really heal or are just sucked up in the passage of time?
As someone mentioned this was today's special, I guess Today's special is a broken dish.It just gets swept away and turns into something else. :D.

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Mugger Much said...

You've been cranking out the posts like clockwork, haven't you.